You can arrange certain spaces which are not always obvious at first thought. The zobal system allows you to manage wall systems with hanging cabinets. This way you can create multifunctional furniture in dead spaces. For example, like a space joining two rooms, in-between your bedroom and bathroom.

Another idea is to arrange furniture in a hallway with a mini wardrobe and a side cabinet that has an aluminium handle. You can attach various accessories to the wall, like shelves, key holders, and wooden shelves. At the bottom you could have place a seat with and a shoe rack.

Select a wardrobe layout, provide us with the area where you plan to fit the furniture, select the elements available in Garner Warf, pay with PayPal and receive the fully assembled furniture delivered by our courier.

 Browse various wardrobe models provided by Garner Wharf


Wardrobe wall by Garner Wharf

Width – 400,600,800,1000mm
Height – 2080mm
Wall thickness – 40mm
(20mm frame + 20mm wall)


Wardrobe closets

Vertical aluminium handles zobal colour C-0
Left or Right hand side fitted cabinets
Blum hinges
Height – 2080mm
Width – 400,600mm
Depth – 300mm
Aluminium base frame colour C-0

Detachable mirrors for Garner Wharf walls
Constructed with special accessory fittings

Aluminium frame Z11 C-0 with mirror
Width – 198, 396mm
Height – 1200, 1050, 520mm
Thickness – 20mm


Detachable seating for Garner Wharf walls
Constructed with special accessory fittings

Board shelf
Aluminium frame colour C-0
Width 400,600,800mm
Height – 176mm
Depth – 280mm


Elements complimenting zobal range

  1. Aluminium hooks and small hooks in rails
  2. Aluminium shelves
  3. Detachable board shelves

The Architect at Garner Wharf recommends

Select from a premade layout of wardrobe furniture, which you can edit.

Change the colour, remove unwanted elements or swap them for other elements.

Click on a picture and open the configurator for that layout
Edit as needed

 Wardrobe colours

Aluminium accessories

Horizontal slotted profiles within Garner Wharf walls – Colour aluminium C-0
Detachable elements which compliment Garner Wharf walls – Colour aluminium C-0
Vertical handles and under handles fitted in furniture – colour aluminium C-0
Aluminium frames – Colour aluminium C-0

The colour of the fronts are the same as the furniture corpus and inner shelves


24 hour tracking of your delivery

Estimated time of delivery is 4 weeks

Direct contact with the courier a few days before delivery